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Starting and Using a Program
Ribbon The Ribbon, located near the top of the window below the title bar, is the
control center in Word and other Ofi ce programs (Figure 12). The Ribbon provides easy,
central access to the tasks you perform while creating a document. The Ribbon consists
of tabs, groups, and commands. Each tab contains a collection of groups, and each group
contains related functions. When you start an Ofi ce program, such as Word, it initially
displays several main tabs, also called default tabs. All Ofi ce programs have a Home tab ,
which contains the more frequently used commands.
In addition to the main tabs, Ofi ce programs display tool tabs , also called
contextual tabs (Figure 13), when you perform certain tasks or work with objects such
as pictures or tables. If you insert a picture in a Word document, for example, the
Picture Tools tab and its related subordinate Format tab appear, collectively referred to
as the Picture Tools Format tab. When you are i nished working with the picture, the
Picture Tools Format tab disappears from the Ribbon. Word and other Ofi ce programs
determine when tool tabs should appear and disappear based on tasks you perform. Some
tool tabs, such as the Table Tools tab, have more than one related subordinate tab.
Items on the Ribbon include buttons, boxes (text boxes, check boxes, etc.), and
galleries (Figure 12). A gallery is a set of choices, often graphical, arranged in a grid or in
a list. You can scroll through choices in an in-Ribbon gallery by clicking the gallery’s scroll
arrows. Or, you can click a gallery’s More button to view more gallery options on the
screen at a time.
Home tab
main tabs
text box
Figure 12
Some buttons and boxes have arrows that, when clicked, also display a gallery;
others always cause a gallery to be displayed when clicked. Most galleries support live
preview , which is a feature that allows you to point to a gallery choice and see its effect in
the document — without actually selecting the choice (Figure 13).
Picture Tools Format tab is one
of many tool tabs that appear
automatically depending on
tasks you perform
as you move mouse pointer
from one gallery option to
next, Word shows preview
of style in document, so that
you can see effect of option in
document before selecting it
picture changes
to Metal Frame as
you point to that
style in gallery
Figure 13
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