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Starting and Using a Program
Some commands on the Ribbon display an image to help you remember
their function. When you point to a command on the Ribbon, all or part of the
command glows in shades of yellow and orange, and an Enhanced ScreenTip
appears on the screen. An Enhanced ScreenTip is an on-screen note that
provides the name of the command, available keyboard shortcut(s), a description
of the command, and sometimes instructions for how to obtain help about the
command (Figure 14). Enhanced ScreenTips are more detailed than a typical
ScreenTip, which usually displays only the name of the command.
Some groups on the Ribbon have a small arrow in the lower-right corner,
called a Dialog Box Launcher , that when clicked, displays a dialog box or a task
pane with additional options for the group (Figure 15). When presented with a
dialog box, you make selections and must close the dialog box before returning
to the document. A task pane , in contrast to a dialog box, is a window that can
remain open and visible while you work in the document.
Quick Access
image of clipboard helps
to identify Paste button
mouse pointer on
Paste button arrow
Enhanced ScreenTip
for Paste button arrow
Figure 14
Mini Toolbar The Mini
toolbar , which appears
automatically based on
tasks you perform, contains
commands related to
changing the appearance
of text in a document. All
commands on the Mini
toolbar also exist on the
Ribbon. The purpose of the
Mini toolbar is to minimize
mouse movement.
When the Mini
toolbar appears, it initially
is transparent (Figure 16a).
If you do not use the
transparent Mini toolbar, it
disappears from the screen.
To use the Mini toolbar,
move the mouse pointer into
the toolbar, which causes
the Mini toolbar to change
from a transparent to bright appearance (Figure 16b). If you right-click an item in the
document window, Word displays both the Mini toolbar and a shortcut menu, which is
discussed in a later section in this chapter.
clicking Clipboard Dialog
Box Launcher displays
Clipboard task pane
clicking Paragraph
Dialog Box Launcher
displays Paragraph
dialog box
Figure 15
Turning Off the
Mini Toolbar
If you do not want the
Mini toolbar to appear,
click File on the Ribbon
to open the Backstage
view, click Options in
the Backstage view, click
General (Options dialog
box), remove the check
mark from the Show Mini
Toolbar on selection check
box, and then click the OK
bright Mini
Mini toolbar
commands on
Mini toolbar also
are on Ribbon
(a) transparent Mini toolbar
(b) bright Mini toolbar
Figure 16
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