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To Enter Text in a Document
The i rst step in creating a document is to enter its text by typing on the keyboard. By default, Word positions
text at the left margin as you type. To begin creating a l yer, for example, you type the headline in the document
window. The following steps type this i rst line of text, a headline, in a document.
KOALA EXHIBIT as the text
(Figure 26).
What is the blinking vertical bar
to the right of the text?
The insertion point. It indicates
where text, graphics, and other
items will be inserted in the
document. As you type, the
insertion point moves to the right,
and when you reach the end of
a line, it moves downward to the
beginning of the next line.
insertion point
text typed
What if I make an error while
You can press the BACKSPACE key
until you have deleted the text
in error and then retype the text
Figure 26
Press the
ENTER key to move the
insertion point to the beginning
of the next line (Figure 27).
Why did blank space appear
between the entered text and the
insertion point?
Each time you press the ENTER key,
Word creates a new paragraph and
inserts blank space between the two
blank space
insertion point
Figure 27
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