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Saving and Organizing Files
To Expand a Folder, Scroll through Folder Contents,
and Collapse a Folder
Folder windows display the hierarchy of items and the contents of drives and folders in the right pane.
You might want to expand a drive in the navigation pane to view its contents, scroll through its contents, and
collapse it when you are i nished viewing its contents. When a folder is expanded, it lists all the folders it contains.
By contrast, a collapsed folder does not list the folders it contains. The following steps expand, scroll through, and
then collapse the folder identifying your class (CIS 101, in this case).
Double-click the folder identifying
your class (CIS 101, in this case),
which expands the folder to display
its contents and displays a black
arrow to the left of the folder icon
(Figure 35).
Why are the subject folders
indented below the CIS 101
folder in the navigation pane?
It shows that the folders are
contained within the CIS 101
scroll arrow
right pane
white arrow
indicates folder
is collapsed
scroll box
black arrow
indicates folder
is expanded
Why did a scroll bar appear in the
navigation pane?
When all contents cannot i t in
a window or pane, a scroll bar
appears. As described earlier, you
can view areas currently not visible
by (1) clicking the scroll arrows,
(2) clicking above or below the
scroll bar, and (3) dragging the
scroll box.
CIS 101 folder
CIS 101 folder
showing folders
it contains
scroll bar
scroll arrow
Click the down scroll arrow on the
Figure 35
vertical scroll bar to display additional folders at the bottom of the navigation pane.
Click the scroll bar above the scroll box to move the scroll box to the top of the navigation pane.
Drag the scroll box down the scroll bar until the scroll box is halfway down the scroll bar.
Double-click the folder identifying
your class (CIS 101, in this case) to
collapse the folder (Figure 36).
CIS 101 folder
CIS 101 folder
collapsed, no longer
showing folders it
Other Ways
1. Point in navigation
pane to display arrows,
click white arrow to
expand or click black
arrow to collapse
2. Select folder to expand
or collapse using arrow
keys, press RIGHT ARROW
to expand; press LEFT
ARROW to collapse.
Figure 36
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