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Saving and Organizing Files
To Switch from One Program to Another
The next step is to save the Word i le containing the headline you typed earlier. Word, however, currently is
not the active window. You can use the program button on the taskbar and live preview to switch to Word and then
save the document in the Word document window.
If Windows Aero is active on your computer, Windows displays a live preview window whenever you move
your mouse on a button or click a button on the taskbar. If Aero is not supported or enabled on your computer, you
will see a window title instead of a live preview. The steps below use the Word program; however, the steps are the
same for any active Ofi ce program currently displayed as a program button on the taskbar.
The following steps switch to the Word window.
Point to the Word program button on
the taskbar to see a live preview of
the open document(s) or the window
title(s) of the open document(s),
depending on your computer’s
coni guration (Figure 37).
live preview
live preview to make the program
associated with the program button
the active window (shown in
Figure 27 on page OFF 20).
What if multiple documents are open in a program?
If Aero is enabled on your computer, click the desired live preview. If Aero is not supported
or not enabled, click the window title.
Click the program button or the
mouse pointer
positioned on Word
program button
Figure 37
To Save a File in a Folder
Now that you have created the folders for storing i les, you can save the Word document. The following steps
save a i le on a USB l ash drive in the Word folder contained in your class folder (CIS 101, in this case) using the i le
name, Koala Exhibit.
Save As
dialog box
Save button
With a USB l ash drive connected
to one of the computer’s USB ports,
click the Save button on the Quick
Access Toolbar to display the Save
As dialog box (Figure 38).
Why does a i le name already
appear in the File name text box?
Word automatically
suggests a i le name
the i rst time you save a
document. The i le name normally
consists of the i rst few words
contained in the document. Because
the suggested i le name is selected,
you do not need to delete it; as soon
as you begin typing, the new i le
name replaces the selected text.
pane (your list
may differ)
i rst few words from document are
displayed as default i le name and
are selected in File name text box
default i le type is
Word Document
Figure 38
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