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Saving and Organizing Files
Navigating in Dialog Boxes
Navigating is the process of i nding a location on a storage device. While saving
the Koala Exhibit i le, for example, Steps 3a – 3c in the previous set of steps navigated
to the Word folder located in the CIS 101 folder. When performing certain functions
in Windows programs, such as saving a i le, opening a i le, or inserting a picture in an
existing document, you most likely will have to navigate to the location where you want
to save the i le or to the folder containing the i le you want to open or insert. Most dialog
boxes in Windows programs requiring navigation follow a similar procedure; that is, the
way you navigate to a folder in one dialog box, such as the Save As dialog box, is similar
to how you might navigate in another dialog box, such as the Open dialog box. If you
chose to navigate to a specii c location in a dialog box, you would follow the instructions
in Steps 3a – 3c on pages OFF 28 and OFF 29.
To Minimize and Restore a Window
Before continuing, you can verify that the Word i le was saved properly. To do this, you will minimize the
Word window and then open the USB l ash drive window so that you can verify the i le is stored on the USB l ash
drive. A minimized window is an open window hidden from view but that can be displayed quickly by clicking the
window’s program button on the taskbar.
In the following example, Word is used to illustrate minimizing and restoring windows; however, you would
follow the same steps regardless of the Ofi ce program you are using.
The following steps minimize the Word window, verify that the i le is saved, and then restore the minimized
USB l ash
drive window
the program’s title bar (shown in
Figure 42 on the previous page) to
minimize the window (Figure 43).
Is the minimized window still
The minimized window, Word in
this case, remains available but no
longer is the active window. It is
minimized as a program button on
the taskbar.
Click the Minimize button on
Word folder
If necessary, click the Windows
Explorer program button on the
taskbar to open the USB l ash drive
Windows Explorer
program button
Word window
Figure 43
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