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Screen Resolution
Word folder
Double-click the Word folder to
select the folder and display its
contents (Figure 44).
of Word
Word folder
Word program
Figure 44
Why does the Windows Explorer button on the taskbar change?
The button changes to rel ect the status of the folder window (in this case, the USB l ash
drive window). A selected button indicates that the folder window is active on the screen.
When the button is not selected, the window is open but not active.
After viewing the contents of the selected folder, click the Word program button on the
taskbar to restore the minimized window (as shown in Figure 42 on page OFF 29).
Other Ways
2. Press WINDOWS + M , press
1. Right-click title bar, click
Minimize on shortcut menu,
click taskbar button in
taskbar button area
Screen Resolution
Screen resolution indicates the number of pixels (dots) that the computer uses to
display the letters, numbers, graphics, and background you see on the screen. When
you increase the screen resolution, Windows displays more information on the screen,
but the information decreases in size. The reverse also is true: as you decrease the
screen resolution, Windows displays less information on the screen, but the information
increases in size.
Screen resolution usually is stated as the product of two numbers, such as
768 screen
resolution results in a display of 1,024 distinct pixels on each of 768 lines, or about
768 (pronounced “ten twenty-four by seven sixty-eight”). A 1024
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