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10.2.3 Excel Add-Ins
When the Book.xlt template is stored in the XlStart subdirectory, Excel bases all new workbooks
on this template when you select the Workbook icon in the New dialog (see Figure 10-2 ) .
If you want new worksheets to have a special format, then you can create a template named
Sheet.xlt and place it in the XlStart folder. Then every time the Insert Worksheet menu item is
invoked, Excel will make copies of all of the worksheets in the Sheet.xlt template and place them
in the current workbook. Note that this can be more than one sheet if there is more than one sheet
in Sheet.xlt .
By now you get the idea. The other autotemplates work similarly.
It is also important to know that all of the Office applications use the same default directory for
templates. Hence, this directory may contain Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access templates. But
Word is the only Office application (as of Office 97) that provides a way for the user to change
this directory (from the File Locations tab of the Options dialog under the Word Tools menu). It
follows that, changing this directory using Word will change it for all Office applications!
10.2.3 Excel Add-Ins
An Excel add-in is a special type of workbook that is usually saved with an . xla file extension.
(We will discuss how to create add-ins later in this section.) An add-in can be connected to Excel
by checking its check box in the Add-Ins dialog (see Figure 10-5 ) , which is displayed by selecting
Add-Ins from the Tools menu.
Figure 10-5. The Add-Ins dialog
Once an add-in is connected, it remains so (even if Excel is closed and reopened) until the check
box in the Add-Ins dialog is unchecked. When connected, an add-in's functionality (VBA
procedures) is accessible from any Excel workbook. Thus, it is truly an extension of Excel.
Typically, an add-in contains code that creates new menu items or toolbar items that provide the
user with access to the procedures in the add-in. This code is placed in the Workbook_Open event
of the add-in so that the menus (or toolbars) are created/customized as soon as the add-in is
connected. (We will see examples of this soon.) Creating an add-in
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