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Figure 10-8. VBA project properties
Next, we use Excel's VBA Editor to set the properties of the VBA project. In the Project
Explorer of the VBA Editor, select the project whose filename is SRXUtils.xls . Then
choose Properties from the Tools menu to display the dialog. Fill in the project name and
description as shown in Figure 10-8 .
Figure 10-8. VBA project properties
Protect the code from viewing.
To protect the code in an Excel workbook from unauthorized viewing, we can use the
VBA Project Properties dialog. Selecting the dialog's Protection tab, we get the dialog
shown in Figure 10-9 . Checking "Lock project for viewing" and entering a password
protects the code from viewing (and from alteration). The project will still appear in the
VBIDE Project window, but Excel will not allow the user to expand the tree for this
project without the password.
Figure 10-9. Protection tab
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