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Chapter 12. Custom Menus and Toolbars
Chapter 12. Custom Menus and Toolbars
In this chapter, we discuss methods for programmatically controlling menus and toolbars. Even
though the subject of menus and toolbars is fairly straightforward, it can seem very confusing,
especially since the documentation is less helpful than it might be.
12.1 Menus and Toolbars: An Overview
Actually, Excel's menu and toolbar objects do not belong to the Excel object model. The menus
and toolbars throughout the Microsoft Office application suite belong to the Office object model.
The portion of the Office object model that relates to menus and toolbars is shown in Figure 12-1 .
Figure 12-1. The menu and toolbar portion of the Office object model
Note that this model is actually quite small, containing only two objects and their corresponding
CommandBar objects and the CommandBars collection
CommandBarControl objects and the CommandBarControls collection
12.1.1 Menu Terminology
To help set the notation, Figure 12-2 s hows the components of the Office menu structure (this
happens to be a Word menu, but no matter).
Figure 12-2. An Office menu
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