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Table 15-5. Additional enums for Excel 9.0
The topmost drop-down list box lets us select an object model for viewing; in the case of Figure
15-1 , we are viewing the Excel object model. The second list box is for searching the object model.
On the left, we find a list of the classes in the object model. There is one class per object and one
class per enum. The right-hand list box shows the properties, methods, and events of the object
that is selected in the Classes list box. The text box at the bottom gives some information about
the selected item.
The Object Browser is certainly a useful tool, and you will probably want to spend some time
experimenting with it. (Perhaps its best feature is that it is easily accessible from the IDE.)
However, it gives only a flat, one-dimensional view of the object model. For this reason, I have
written an object browser that provides a two-dimensional view of an object model. In fact, many
of the figures in this topic are screen shots taken from my object browser. For more information
on this browser, please see the coupon in the back of this topic.
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