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16.1.3 Members that Enable Excel Features
When True , Excel displays various warning messages (such as a confirmation message
that precedes the deletion of a worksheet) while a macro is running. If you do not want a
macro to be disturbed, then set this to False :
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
The default value of this property is True .
DisplayCommentIndicator property (R/W Long)
This property affects the way that Excel indicates the presence of a comment in an
unselected cell. It can be any one of the constants in the following enum:
Enum XlCommentDisplayMode
xlCommentIndicatorOnly = -1 ' Display indicator
xlNoIndicator = 0 ' Display
xlCommentAndIndicator = 1 ' Display indicator
and comment
' itself
End Enum
Setting DisplayCommentIndicator to either xlCommentIndicatorOnly or
xlCommentAndIndicator sets the value of the DisplayNoteIndicator property
(described later in this section) to True , while setting DisplayCommentIndicator to
xlNoIndicator changes DisplayNoteIndicator to False .
DisplayFormulaBar property (R/W Boolean)
This property determines whether the formula bar is displayed. Its default value is True .
DisplayFullScreen property (R/W Boolean)
This property determines whether Excel is in full-screen mode. (Note that displaying
Excel in full-screen mode is not the same as maximizing Excel's application window.)
DisplayNoteIndicator property (R/W Boolean)
If this property is True (its default value) then cells containing notes display cell tips and
contain note indicators (which are small dots in the upper-right corner of a cell). Setting
DisplayNoteIndicator to False also sets DisplayCommentIndicator to xlNoIndicator ,
while setting DisplayNoteIndicator to True sets DisplayCommentIndicator to
xlCommentIndicatorOnly .
16.1.3 Members that Enable Excel Features
Several Application members enable or disable certain Excel features:
AutoFormatAsYouTypeReplaceHyperlinks property (R/W Boolean)
Set to True to have Excel automatically format hyperlink text as a hyperlink. Set to
False to turn off this often-annoying feature of Excel.
EnableAnimations property (R/W Boolean)
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