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16.1.5 Calculation-Related Members
If you want to clear a previously set OnTime macro, you can call the procedure with the
Schedule parameter set to False . Otherwise, the parameter can be omitted, since its default
value is True .
Note that the Now function returns the current time. Thus, to schedule a macro for a certain
amount of time from the present, we can set EarliestTime to:
Now + TimeValue( time )
16.1.5 Calculation-Related Members
The Application object has several members related to calculation. Calculate method
This method calculates all open workbooks, a specific worksheet in a workbook, or a specified
range of cells on a worksheet, depending upon how it is applied.
When applied to the Application object, as in:
Excel will calculate all open workbooks. When applied to a specific worksheet, as in:
Excel will calculate that worksheet. When applied to a specific range, as in:
Excel will calculate the cells in that range. Note that since Calculate is a global method, we can
simply write:
in place of:
Application.Calculate CalculateFullRebuild method
This method calculates all data and rebuilds all dependencies (formulas that refer to other cells) in
all open workbooks. This method applies only to the Application object. Calculation property (R/W Long)
This property sets Excel's calculation mode and can be set to any of the following constants:
Enum XlCalculation
xlCalculationManual = -4135
xlCalculationAutomatic = -4105
xlCalculationSemiautomatic = 2
End Enum
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