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In Depth Information CalculateBeforeSave property (R/W Boolean)
The default value is xlCalculationAutomatic . As is typical, the documentation does not
explain the term semiautomatic (at least I could not find an explanation). However, there is an
option in Excel's Calculation tab under the Options dialog that allows us to specify automatic
calculation except for data tables; this is what is meant by semiautomatic. CalculateBeforeSave property (R/W Boolean)
This property is True if workbooks are calculated before they are saved to disk. This is relevant
only when the Calculation property is set to xlManual . CheckAbort method
This method stops recalculation in Excel. Its syntax is:
Application.CheckAbort( keepabortrange )
where keepabortrange is a range that is exempt from the method; that is, recalcualtion still
takes place in this range.
16.1.6 File-Related Members
Let us take a brief look at the members that are related to file operations. DefaultFilePath property (R/W String)
This property returns or sets the default path that Microsoft Excel uses when it opens or saves files.
This setting can also be changed by the user in the General tab of the Options dialog. DefaultSaveFormat property (R/W Long)
This property returns or sets the default format for saving files. The default for this property is
xlWorkbookNormal , indicating the normal workbook format for the current version of Excel.
The possible values for this property are the XLFileFormat constants shown in Table 16-4 .
Tabl e 16-4. XLFileFormat con stants
xlAddIn (18)
xlExcel5 (39)
xlWJ3 (40)
xlCSV (6)
xlExcel7 (39)
xlWJ3FJ3 (41)
xlCSVMac (22)
xlExcel9795 (43)
xlWK1 (5)
xlHtml (44)<v9>
xlWK1ALL (31)
xlCSVWindows (23)
xlIntlAddIn (26)
xlWK1FMT (30)
xlCurrentPlatformText (-4158)
xlIntlMacro (25)
xlWK3 (15)
xlDBF2 (7)
xlSYLK (2)
xlWK3FM3 (32)
xlDBF3 (8)
xlTemplate (17)
xlWK4 (38)
xlDBF4 (11)
xlTextMac (19)
xlWKS (4)
xlDIF (9)
xlTextMSDOS (21)
xlWorkbookNormal (-4143)
xlExcel2 (16)
xlTextPrinter (36)
xlWorks2FarEast (28)
xlExcel2FarEast (27)
xlTextWindows (20)
xlWQ1 (34)
xlExcel3 (29)
xlUnicodeText (42)<v9>
xlXMLSpreadsheet (46)<v10>
xlExcel4 (33)
xlWebArchive (45)<v10>
xlExcel4Workbook (35)
xlWJ2WD1 (14)
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