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A Name object represents a defined name for a range of cells. There are two types of names in
Excel: built-in names such as Print_Area and custom names created by the user or by code.
Name objects are kept in several Names collections. There is a Names collection for the
Application object, as well as Names collections for each Workbook and Worksheet object.
There are a variety of ways to create a new Name object. We can add a Name object to a Names
collection by calling the collection's Add method or we can use the CreateNames method of the
Range object (discussed in Chapter 19 ) .
For instance, the following code creates a Name object that refers to a range on Sheet1 of Book1.
The Name object is added to the workbook's Names collection, but not to Sheet1's Names
Workbooks("Book1.xls").Names.Add Name:="WkBkName"
Note the use of a sheet qualifier in the RefersTo parameter and the specification of an absolute
address. If the absolute operator ($) is not used, the range will be defined relative to the active cell.
The following code adds a Name object to the Names collection of Sheet1 and Sheet2:
Workbooks("Book1.xls").Worksheets("Sheet1") _
.Names.Add Name:="WkSheet1Name", _
Workbooks("Book1.xls").Worksheets("Sheet2"). _
Names.Add Name:="WkSheet2Name", _
Note that this code will also add the Name objects to the workbook's Names collection.
The following code sets the font for the range WkSheet1Name to boldface:
Sheet1.Names("WkSheet1Name").RefersToRange.Font.Bold = True
Note that there is no Names collection for a given Range object, even though a Range object can
have more than one name. The best we can do is retrieve the first name for a range object by using
the Name property (see the discussion in Chapter 19 ) .
Let us review some of the properties and methods of the Name object:
Delete method
This method, whose syntax is:
NameObject .Delete
deletes the Name object from the Names collections in which it resides. It does not delete
the actual range.
Name property
This property returns or sets the name of the Name object.
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