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17.1.6 OpenText Method
The TextQualifier parameter is the text qualifier. It can be one of the following
XlTextQualifier constants:
Enum XlTextQualifier
xlTextQualifierNone = -4142
xlTextQualifierDoubleQuote = 1 ' Default
xlTextQualifierSingleQuote = 2
End Enum
The ConsecutiveDelimiter parameter should be set to True for Excel to consider
consecutive delimiters as one delimiter. The default value is False .
There are several parameters that require that DataType be xlDelimited . When any one of
these parameters is set to True , it indicates that Excel should use the corresponding character as
the text delimiter. They are described here (all default values are False ):
Set to True to use the tab character as the delimiter.
Set to True to use a semicolon as the delimiter.
Set to True to use a comma as the delimiter.
Set to True to use a space as the delimiter.
Set to True to use a character that is specified by the OtherChar argument as the
When Other is True, OtherChar specifies the delimiter character. If OtherChar contains
more than one character, only the first character is used.
The FieldInfo parameter is an array containing parse information for the individual source
columns. The interpretation of FieldInfo depends on the value of DataType .
When DataType is xlDelimited , the FieldInfo argument should be an array whose size is
the same as or smaller than the number of columns of converted data. The first element of a
twoelement array is the column number (starting with the number 1), and the second element is one of
the following numbers that specifies how the column is parsed:
MDY date
DMY date
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