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17.2.7 PrecisionAsDisplayed Property (R/W Boolean)
This read-only property is True if the workbook has password protection. Note that a password
can be assigned as one of the parameters to the SaveAs method.
17.2.7 PrecisionAsDisplayed Property (R/W Boolean)
When this property is True , calculations in the workbook will be done using only the precision of
the numbers as they are displayed, rather than as they are stored. Its default value is False ;
calculations are based on the values of numbers as they are stored.
17.2.8 PrintOut Method
The PrintOut method prints an entire workbook. (This method applies to a host of other objects as
well, such as Range, Worksheet, and Chart.) The syntax is:
WorkbookObject .PrintOut( From , To, Copies , _
Preview , ActivePrinter , PrintToFile , Collate )
Note that all of the parameters to this method are optional.
The From parameter specifies the page number of the first page to print, and the To parameter
specifies the last page to print. If omitted, the entire object (range, worksheet, etc.) is printed.
The Copies parameter specifies the number of copies to print. The default is 1 .
Set Preview to True to invoke print preview rather than printing immediately. The default is
False .
ActivePrinter sets the name of the active printer. On the other hand, setting PrintToFile
to True causes Excel to print to a file. Excel will prompt the user for the name of the output file.
(Unfortunately, there is no way to specify the name of the output file in code.)
The Collate parameter should be set to True to collate multiple multipage copies.
17.2.9 PrintPreview Method
This method invokes Excel's print preview feature. Its syntax is:
WorkbookObject .PrintPreview
Note that the PrintPreview method applies to the same set of objects as the PrintOut method.
17.2.10 Protect Method
This method protects a workbook so that it cannot be modified. Its syntax is:
WorkbookObject .Protect( Password , Structure , Windows )
The method also applies to charts and worksheets, with a different syntax.
The optional Password parameter specifies a password (as a case-sensitive string). If this
argument is omitted, the workbook will not require a password to unprotect it.
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