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17.2.15 SaveCopyAs Method
Set the AddToMru parameter to True to add the workbook to the list of recently used files. The
default value is False .
The remaining parameters are not used in the U.S. English version of Excel.
17.2.15 SaveCopyAs Method
This method saves a copy of the workbook to a file but does not modify the open workbook itself.
The syntax is:
WorkbookObject .SaveCopyAs( Filename )
where Filename specifies the filename for the copy of the original file.
17.2.16 Saved Property (R/W Boolean)
This property is True if no changes have been made to the specified workbook since it was last
saved. Note that this property is read/write, which means we can set the property to True even if
the workbook has been changed since it was last saved. As discussed earlier, we can set this
property to True , then close a modified workbook without being prompted to save the current
17.3 Children of the Workbook Object
Figure 17-5 s hows the children of the Workbook object. (This is a repeat of Figure 17-4 . )
Figure 17-5. Children of the Workbook object
Let us take a quick look at some of these children. (We will discuss the Window, Worksheet, and
WorkbookEvents objects later in the topic.)
17.3.1 The CustomView Object
The CustomViews property returns the CustomViews collection. Each CustomView object in this
collection represents a custom view of the workbook. CustomView objects are pretty
straightforward, so we will just consider an example. Look at the sheet shown in Figure 17-6 .
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