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Table 18-2. Members That Return Objects
The WriteResPassword parameter is a string that specifies the write-reservation
password for this file. If a file is saved with a write-reservation password and this
password is not supplied when the file is next opened, the file will be opened as read-only.
We can set the ReadOnlyRecommended parameter to True to display a message when
the file is opened, recommending that the file be opened as read-only.
Set the CreateBackup parameter to True to create a backup file.
Set the AddToMru parameter to True to add the workbook to the list of recently used
files. The default value is False .
The remaining parameters are not used in the U.S. English version of Excel.
ScrollArea property
This property returns or sets the range where scrolling and cell selection is allowed. The
value should be an A1-style range reference. For instance, the code:
ActiveSheet.ScrollArea = "A1:B200"
allows cell selection and scrolling only within the range A1:B200. To remove any
restrictions on cell selection and scrolling, set this property to an empty string, as in:
ActiveSheet.ScrollArea = ""
Note that setting the scroll area has nothing to do with freezing panes.
Select method
This method selects the worksheet. This is not the same as making it active through the
Activate method. In fact, several sheets can be selected at one time (to delete them, for
instance). The syntax is:
WorksheetObject .Select(Replace)
where Replace is set to True to replace the current selection with the specified
worksheet, rather than including the worksheet in the current selection.
SetBackgroundPicture method
This method sets the background graphic for a worksheet (or chart). The syntax is:
WorksheetObject .SetBackgroundPicture( FileName )
where FileName is the name of the graphic file to use for the background.
ShowDataForm method
This method displays the data form associated with the worksheet. Note that for the
ShowDataForm method to work without generating an error, Excel must be able to
determine that the current selection is part of a list. For information on the use of data
forms, see the Excel 8 help topic "Guidelines for creating a list on a worksheet" or the
Excel 9 help topic "About data forms."
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