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Figure 18-2. A data form
The syntax of this method is simply:
WorksheetObject .ShowDataForm
Note that the procedure in which the ShowDataForm method is called will pause while
the data form is displayed. When the data form is closed, the procedure will resume at the
line following the call to ShowDataForm. (In other words, the data form is modal .)
Figure 18-2 i llustrates the data form for a worksheet.
Figure 18-2. A data form
Unprotect method
This method removes protection from a worksheet. It has no effect if the worksheet is not
protected. The syntax is:
WorksheetObject .Unprotect( Password )
where Password is the password used to protect the worksheet (if any). If we omit this
argument for a sheet that is password-protected, Excel will prompt the user for the
UsedRange property
This ostensibly very useful property returns a Range object that represents the smallest
rectangular region that encompasses any currently used cells.
Unfortunately, the UsedRange property has had a rather rocky history in past versions of
Excel, and my experience is that the problems have not been completely resolved in Excel
97. (Unfortunately, I know of no single test to check the reliability of this property, and I
have not yet used Excel 9 long enough to make a definitive statement about this version.)
Thus, I strongly suggest that you use this method with caution, for it sometimes seems to
include cells that once had contents but have since been completely cleared.
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