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18.2 Children of the Worksheet Object
At the end of Chapter 19 , we will give an example function that can be used to compute
the correct used range.
Visible property
This property returns True if the worksheet is visible and False otherwise. However, in
addition to setting this property to True or False , we can also set this property to
xlVeryHidden , in which case the only way to make the worksheet visible is by setting
this property to True in code. Hence, the user cannot make the worksheet visible.
18.2 Children of the Worksheet Object
Let us discuss a few of the children of the Worksheet object. Others will be discussed in later
The Comments property returns the Comments collection, which consists of all Comment
objects (comments) in the worksheet. We will discuss the Comment object in Chapter 19 .
The Names collection
We discussed the Names collection and Name objects in Chapter 16 , and so we refer the
reader to that earlier discussion.
The Outline object
To illustrate Excel outlining using code, consider the worksheet shown in Figure 18-3 .
Our goal is to produce the outline in Figure 18-4 .
Figure 18-3. Illustrating Excel outlines
Figure 18-4. The end result
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