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19.3.19 Delete Method
19.3.19 Delete Method
This method deletes the cells in the range. Its syntax is:
RangeObject .Delete( Shift )
The optional Shift parameter specifies how to shift cells to replace the deleted cells. It can be
one of the following constants:
Enum XlDeleteShiftDirection
xlShiftUp = -4162
xlShiftToLeft = -4159
End Enum
If this argument is omitted, then Excel guesses based on the shape of the range. In view of this, I
would advise always including the argument. (Applications should not guess!)
19.3.20 Dependents and DirectDependents Properties
The Dependents property returns a Range object that represents all cells containing all the
dependents of a cell. To illustrate, consider Figure 19-12 , where we have displayed the underlying
formulas in each cell.
Figure 19-12. Illustrating the Dependents property
The following code selects cells B1, B2, C4, and C6:
Note that C6 is not a direct dependent of A1.
By contrast, the following line selects the direct dependents of cell A1, which are cells B1, B2,
and C4:
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