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3.1.1 Project Names
Note that the Project Explorer has a treelike structure, similar to the Windows Explorer's folders
pane (the left-hand pane). Each entry in the Project Explorer is called a node . The top nodes, of
which there are two in Figure 3-2 , represent the currently open Excel VBA projects (hence the
name Project Explorer). The view of each project can be expanded or contracted by clicking on
the small boxes (just as with Windows Explorer). Note that there is one project for each currently
open Excel workbook.
3.1.1 Project Names
Each project has a name, which the programmer can choose. The default name for a project is
VBAProject. The top node for each project is labeled:
ProjectName WorkbookName ) (
where ProjectName is the name of the project and WorkbookName is the name of the Excel
3.1.2 Project Contents
At the level immediately below the top (project) level, as Figure 3-2 shows, there are nodes named:
Microsoft Excel Objects
Under the Microsoft Excel Objects node, there is a node for each worksheet and chartsheet in the
workbook, as well as a special node called ThisWorkbook, which represents the workbook itself.
These nodes provide access to the code windows for each of these objects, where we can write our
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