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19.3.49 WrapText Property
Debug.Print v(2, 1) ' row 2, col 1
will print:
19.3.49 WrapText Property
This property returns or sets the value that tells Excel whether to wrap text in the cells. It will
return Null if the specified range contains some cells that wrap text and others that do not. Note
that Excel will change the row height of the range, if necessary, to accommodate the text when
19.4 Children of the Range Object
The children of the Range object are shown in Figure 19-17 .
Figure 19-17. Children of the Range object
Corresponding to each of these children is a property of the Range object that returns the child.
For instance, the PivotField property of the Range object returns a PivotField child object.
Let us take a look at the children of the Range object.
19.4.1 The Areas Collection
An area is a contiguous (that is, connected) block of cells in a worksheet. There is no Area object
in the Excel object model. Instead, areas are Range objects.
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