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Figure 20-10. No totals at all
We can also suppress the display of individual pivot-field totals, such as the totals for Store City in
Figure 20-9 . This is a property of the particular PivotField object, so we will discuss it when we
discuss this object later in the chapter. As a preview, however, the display of field totals is
governed by the Subtotals property of the PivotField object. For instance, the following code turns
off all field totals in Figure 20-9 :
Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To 12
ActiveSheet.PivotTables("Sales&Trans"). _
PivotFields("Store City").Subtotals(i) = False
(There are 12 types of totals, and we must turn them all off.) This produces the pivot table in
Figure 20-10 .
Figure 20-10. No totals at all
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