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In Depth Information Null-related properties
The ErrorString property can be used to set the string that is displayed in cells that contain errors
when DisplayErrorString is True . (The default value is an empty string.) Null-related properties
When the DisplayNullString property is True , the PivotTable displays a custom string in cells
that contain null values. (The default value is True .)
The NullString property can be used to set the custom string for such cells. (The default value is
an empty string.) EnableDrillDown property
One of the features of a PivotTable is the DrillDown feature. To illustrate, if we double-click on a
data cell, such as cell D5 in the pivot table of Figure 20-10 , Excel will create a new worksheet, as
shown in Figure 20-22 . This worksheet shows the original source rows that contribute to the value
in the double-clicked cell D5. (Note that the rows are complete, although the Sales column does
not contribute to cell D5.)
Figure 20-22. Illustrating DrillDown
By now you have probably guessed that the read-write Boolean property EnableDrillDown is used
to enable or to disable this feature for the pivot table. Formatting properties and methods
The read-write HasAutoFormat property is True (its default value) if the PivotTable is
automatically formatted when it is refreshed or when some of its fields are moved.
The labels for the rows, columns, subtotals, and totals in Figure 20-6 a re not merged with adjacent
blank cells. (The borders are adjusted so it may appear so, however.) To merge the labels with
adjacent blank cells, we can set the MergeLabels property to True .
The read-write PreserveFormatting property is True (its default value) if PivotTable formatting is
preserved when the PivotTable is refreshed or recalculated by operations such as pivoting, sorting,
or changing page-field items.
The TableStyle property returns or sets the style name (as a string) used in the PivotTable body.
The default value is a null string, so no style is applied. Refreshing a pivot table
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