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In Depth Information PageField-related properties
When the ManualUpdate property is True , the PivotTable is recalculated only at the user's
request. The default value is False .
The RefreshTable method refreshes the PivotTable from the original source data. The method
returns True if it is successful.
The RefreshDate property returns the date on which the PivotTable or pivot cache was last
refreshed. It is read-only.
The RefreshName property returns the user name of the person who last refreshed the PivotTable
data or pivot cache. PageField-related properties
As discussed earlier in the chapter, the PageFieldOrder property returns or sets the order in which
page fields are added to the PivotTable layout. It can be one of the following XlOrder constants:
xlDownThenOver or xlOverThenDown . The default constant is xlDownThenOver .
Recall also that the PageFieldWrapCount property returns or sets the number of PivotTable page
fields in each column or row.
The PageFieldStyle property returns or sets the style used in the page field area. Name property
This property returns or sets the name of the pivot table as a string. SaveData property (R/W Boolean)
When this property is True , its default value, data for the PivotTable is saved with the workbook.
If it is False , only the PivotTable definition is saved. ShowPages method
This method creates a new PivotTable for each item in the specified page field. Each new
PivotTable is created on a new worksheet. The syntax is:
PivotTableObject .ShowPages( PageField )
For instance, if we apply this method to the pivot table in Figure 20-10 with the code:
ActiveSheet.PivotTables("Sales&Trans").ShowPages "Year"
we will get two new worksheets. One worksheet, named 1997, will contain the original pivot table,
but with the Year page field set to 1997. The other worksheet will contain the same pivot table
with the Year field set to 1998. (We can still change the Year field on any of the pivot tables. In
other words, each pivot table contains the data for all of the Year field values.) SourceData property
This read-only property returns the data source for the PivotTable. For instance, when that source
is a single Excel worksheet, the SourceData method returns a string describing the source range.
The code:
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