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In Depth Information NumberFormat property
xlVarP = -4165
xlVar = -4164
xlSum = -4157
xlStDevP = -4156
xlStDev = -4155
xlProduct = -4149
xlMin = -4139
xlMax = -4136
xlCountNums = -4113
xlCount = -4112
xlAverage = -4106
xlUnknown = 1000 ' Excel 9 only
End Enum NumberFormat property
This property applies only to data fields and returns or sets the formatting string for the object.
Note that it will return Null if all cells in the specified range do not have the same number format.
This is a read-write string property. Orientation property
This property returns or sets the orientation of the pivot field. It can be set to one of the following
Enum XlPivotFieldOrientation
xlHidden = 0
xlRowField = 1
xlColumnField = 2
xlPageField = 3
xlDataField = 4
End Enum Position property
This read-write property returns or sets the position of the pivot field among all pivot fields in the
same area (row, column, page, or data).
20.7.4 Selecting Ranges
The PivotField object has two properties related to selecting portions of the pivot table related to
the field. DataRange property
This property returns a Range object representing the value area associated with the given
PivotField. To illustrate, the code:
ActiveSheet.PivotTables("Sales&Trans"). _
PivotFields("Store Type"). _
results in Figure 20-26 .
Figure 20-26. DataRange for Store Type
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