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In Depth Information Calculations requiring a BaseField/BaseItem Calculations requiring a BaseField/BaseItem
The procedure for making calculations with a BaseField/BaseItem is not explained very well in
the documentation, so let us see if we can clear it up by first considering an example. Consider the
With ActiveSheet.PivotTables("Sales&Trans"). _
.Calculation = xlDifferenceFrom
.BaseField = "Store City"
.BaseItem = "Boston"
End With
Referring to Figure 20-32 , we have reproduced our usual pivot table (from Figure 20-10 ) with
several changes. First, we removed the Trans values, since they are not relevant to our example.
We have also replaced the Sale values for the given BaseField and BaseItem by symbols ( b1-b8 ).
Finally, we replaced the other Sale values with number signs, since we do not care about the
actual values.
Figure 20-32. Illustrating a calculation
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