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20.7.9 CurrentPage Property
20.7.9 CurrentPage Property
This property returns or sets the current page. It is only valid for page fields. Note that the
property should be set either to the name of the page field or to "All" to show all pages.
20.7.10 DataType Property
This read-only property returns a constant that describes the type of data in the pivot field. It can
be one of the following XlPivotFieldDataType constants:
Enum XlPivotFieldDataType
xlText = -4158
xlNumber = -4145
xlDate = 2
End Enum
20.7.11 HiddenItems and VisibleItems Properties
The HiddenItems property returns the PivotItems collection of all hidden PivotItem objects, using
the syntax:
PivotFieldObject .HiddenItems
It can also return a single or an array of hidden PivotItem objects using the syntax:
where Index is a single index or an array of indexes.
Similarly, the VisibleItems property returns a PivotItems collection of all visible PivotItem objects
or a single or an array of such objects. The syntax is the same as for the HiddenItems property.
20.7.12 MemoryUsed Property
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