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Figure 3-9. The Immediate Window
Figure 3-9. The Immediate Window
The Immediate window is an extremely valuable tool for debugging a program, and you will
probably use it often (as I do).
3.5 Arranging Windows
If you need more space for writing code, you can close the Properties window, the Project window,
and the Immediate window. On the other hand, if you are fortunate enough to have a large monitor,
you can split your screen as shown in Figure 3-10 to see the Excel VBA IDE and an Excel
workbook at the same time. Then you can trace through each line of your code and watch the
results in the workbook! (You can toggle between Excel and the IDE using the Alt-F11 key
Figure 3-10. A split screen approach
3.5.1 Docking
Many of the windows in the IDE (including the Project, Properties, and Immediate windows) can
be in one of two states: docked or floating. The state can be set using the Docking tab on the
Options dialog box, which is shown in Figure 3-11 .
Figure 3-11. The Docking options
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