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Chapter 4. The Visual Basic Editor, Part II
Chapter 4. The Visual Basic Editor, Part II
In this chapter, we conclude our discussion of the Visual Basic Editor. Again, let us remind the
reader that he or she may want to read quickly through this chapter and refer to it later as needed.
4.1 Navigating the IDE
If you prefer the keyboard to the mouse (as I do), then you may want to use keyboard shortcuts.
Here are some tips.
4.1.1 General Navigation
The following keyboard shortcuts are used for navigating the IDE:
Go to the Code window.
Go to the Properties window.
Go to the Project window.
Go to the Immediate window.
Toggle between Excel and the VB IDE. Navigating the code window at design time
Within the code window, the following keystrokes are very useful:
Help on the item under the cursor.
Go to the definition of the item under the cursor. (If the cursor is over a call to a function
or subroutine, hitting Shift-F2 sends you to the definition of that procedure.)
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