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Figure 21-9. Children of the Chart object
The Chart object has an Axes collection that contains an Axis object for each axis in the chart. The
Axes method returns either a single axis or the Axes collection for a chart. To return the Axes
collection for a chart, use the syntax:
ChartObject .Axes
To return a specific Axis object, use the syntax:
ChartObject .Axes( Type , AxisGroup )
Here the optional Type parameter specifies the axis to return. It can be one of the following
XlAxisType constants:
Enum XlAxisType
xlCategory = 1
xlValue = 2
xlSeriesAxis = 3
End Enum
Note that xlSeriesAxis is valid only for 3-D charts.
The optional AxisGroup parameter specifies the axis group. It can be one of the following
XlAxisGroup constants:
Enum XlAxisGroup
xlPrimary = 1 ' The default
xlSecondary = 2
End Enum
A secondary axis is a second vertical or horizontal axis upon which a second value series (vertical
case) or category series (horizontal case) is plotted (see Figure 21-1 ) . If this argument is omitted,
the primary group is used. Note that 3-D charts have only one axis group.
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