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21.6 The Axis Object
Returns a Border object that can be used to set the color, line style, and width of the
border of the axis title.
Sets the text for the title.
Returns a Characters object, which is a range of characters in the caption. This allows us
to format a portion of the text in the caption.
Returns a ChartFillFormat object used to set fill-formatting properties for the axis title.
Returns a Font object that can be used to set the font characteristics of the labels.
HorizontalAlignment and VerticalAlignment
Sets the alignment of axis title text.
Returns an Interior object that can be used to format the interior of the axis title area.
Sets the number format code for the labels. This property returns Null if all labels do not
have the same number format. Note that since the format codes are the same as those used
by Excel to format worksheet cells, we can use the macro recorder to get appropriate
format codes.
Returns or sets the orientation for the axis title. It can be any one of the following
Enum XlOrientation
xlUpward = -4171
xlDownward = -4170
xlVertical = -4166
xlHorizontal = -4128
End Enum
Let us take a closer look at the Characters object. A Characters object represents a contiguous
portion of text within a text string. The Characters property returns a Characters object. (Note that
the Characters property also applies to the ChartTitle object and the Range object.)
The syntax of the Characters property is:
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