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21.6.10 Units-Related Properties
xlTickLabelOrientationDownward = -4170
xlTickLabelOrientationVertical = -4166
xlTickLabelOrientationHorizontal = -4128
xlTickLabelOrientationAutomatic = -4105
End Enum
21.6.10 Units-Related Properties
The Axis object has several properties related to setting units and the scale factor on the axis.
MajorUnit and MinorUnit
Returns or sets (as a Double) the major units or minor units for the specified axis. Setting
this property sets the corresponding MajorUnitIsAuto or MinorUnitsIsAuto property to
False .
MajorUnitIsAuto and MinorUnitIsAuto
Calculates the major units or minor units for the axis if True . These properties are
read/write Boolean.
MajorUnitScale and MinorScaleUnit
Returns or sets the major unit scale value or minor unit scale value for the category axis
when the CategoryType property is set to xlTimeScale . It can be one of the following
XlTimeUnit constants:
Enum XlTimeUnit
xlDays = 0
xlMonths = 1
xlYears = 2
End Enum
MaximumScale and MinimumScale
Returns or sets the maximum or minimum value on the axis as a Double.
MaximumScaleIsAuto and MinimumScaleIsAuto
Calculates the maximum value or minimum value for the axis if True . This property is
read/write Boolean.
Returns or sets the value axis scale type; this property applies only to value axes. It can be
one of the following XlScaleType constants:
Enum XlScaleType
xlScaleLogarithmic = -4133 'Common logarithm
xlScaleLinear = -4132
End Enum
To illustrate, the following code:
With ActiveChart.Axes(xlValue, xlPrimary)
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