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Figure 21-14. Illustrating ReversePlotOrder (after)
Figure 21-14. Illustrating ReversePlotOrder (after)
21.6.12 Type Property
The Type property returns or sets the axis type. It can be one of the following XlAxisType
Enum XlAxisType
xlCategory = 1
xlValue = 2
xlSeriesAxis = 3
End Enum
21.7 The ChartArea Object
The ChartArea object represents the chart area of a chart. As shown in Figure 21-1 , the chart area
on a 2-D chart contains essentially the entire chart: the axes, chart title, axis titles, and legend. On
the other hand, the chart area on a 3-D chart contains the chart title and the legend but does not
include the plot area, where the data is plotted.
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