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21.8.3 HiLoLines
21.8.3 HiLoLines
HiLoLines are shown in Figure 21-18 . The HasHiLoLines property of the ChartGroup object can
be set to True to display HiLoLines. HiLoLines apply only to two-dimensional charts.
Figure 21-18. HiLoLines
21.8.4 SeriesCollection and Series Objects
The SeriesCollection property of a ChartGroup object returns the SeriesCollection collection of all
Series objects that lie in that chart group. We will discuss Series objects later in the chapter.
21.8.5 SeriesLines
SeriesLines are shown in Figure 21-19 . They apply only to stacked column or stacked bar chart
groups. The HasSeriesLines property can be set to True to display series lines for a chart group.
Figure 21-19. SeriesLines
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