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21.9 The ChartTitle Object
21.9 The ChartTitle Object
A ChartTitle object represents a chart title. The ChartTitle object is shown in Figure 21-20 .
Figure 21-20. The ChartTitle object
As with several of the other chart-related objects, the ChartTitle object has Border, Characters,
ChartFillFormat, Font, and Interior children that are used to format the corresponding portion of
the chart title. We have discussed these objects before, so we will not comment further on them
21.10 The DataTable Object
Figure 21-21 shows a data table. Data tables are represented by DataTable objects.
Figure 21-21. A data table
The Chart object has a property called HasDataTable. Setting this property to True displays a
data table, as in Figure 21-21 . Indeed, the data table in Figure 21-21 was produced and given a
border with the following code:
ActiveChart.HasDataTable = True
ActiveChart.DataTable.HasBorderOutline = True
The DataTable object has a variety of self-explanatory properties, such as AutoScaleFont, Border,
Font, HasBorderHorizontal, HasBorderOutline, HasBorderVertical, and ShowLegendKey. (The
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