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21.12.1 The LegendEntry Object
The Chart object has a Legend property that returns the Legend object for that chart. As expected,
the Legend object has Border, ChartFillFormat, Font, and Interior children that serve the same
purpose here as they do for the ChartTitle, AxisTitle, ChartArea, and other objects.
21.12.1 The LegendEntry Object
Figure 21-1 s hows a chart legend with two legend entries. Legend entries are represented by
LegendEntry objects. The LegendEntry objects for a legend are kept in the LegendEntries
collection object for the Legend object. This collection is accessed using the LegendEntries
property of the Chart object.
Each legend entry has two parts: the text of the legend entry is the name of the series associated
with that entry and the entry key (also called an entry marker) is a small copy of the associated
series and its formatting.
Note that the text of a legend entry cannot be changed. However, the LegendEntry object does
have a Font property that can be used to change the font of the legend entry, as in:
ActiveChart.Legend.Font.Italic = True
In addition, LegendEntry objects can be deleted. However, after a legend entry has been deleted,
the only way to restore it is to remove and recreate the entire legend by setting the HasLegend
property for the chart first to False and then to True .
Also, no pattern formatting is allowed for legend entries, nor can a legend entry's position or size
be changed.
Note finally that there is no direct way to return the series corresponding to a given legend entry.
21.12.2 The LegendKey Object
A legend key is represented by a LegendKey object. This object has Border, ChartFillFormat, and
Interior children.
It is very important to note that formatting the LegendKey object will also automatically format
the actual series that the legend entry represents. In other words, the series and its legend key
always match.
Thus, for instance, the following code formats the first data series and its legend key with a red
interior and a thick border:
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