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21.15 The Series Object
to set the size and position of the plot area within the chart area. Note that there are some
restrictions on how these values can be set. For instance, it appears that Excel will not let us set
the Top property in such a way that the bottom of the plot area would fall below the bottom of the
chart area (which makes sense).
21.15 The Series Object
The Series object represents a data series in an Excel chart. The Series object and its children are
shown in Figure 21-24 .
Figure 21-24. The Series object and its children
The Series object has Border, ChartFillFormat, and Interior child object, which we have discussed
before. Let us look at some of its other children.
The Series objects for a chart are contained in a collection object named SeriesCollection. This
collection is returned by the SeriesCollection method of the Chart object. (We will see examples
later in this section.)
The members of the Series object are shown in Table 21-4 .
Table 21-4. Members of the Se ries Object
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