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Figure G-1. The Error Checking tab
ErrorCheckingOptions Object
Path: Application - ErrorCheckingOptions
BackgroundChecking() As Boolean
EmptyCellReferences() As Boolean
EvaluateToError() As Boolean
InconsistentFormula() As Boolean
IndicatorColorIndex() As XlColorIndex
NumberAsText() As Boolean
OmittedCells() As Boolean
TextDate() As Boolean
UnlockedFormulaCells() As Boolean
This object corresponds to the Error Checking tab under the Excel Options dialog box. The
ErrorCheckingOptions object's properties correspond to the check boxes in the aforementioned
dialog box tab, as shown in Figure G-1 .
Figure G-1. The Error Checking tab
For instance, when the Boolean TextDate property of the ErrorCheckingOptions object is set to
True (corresponding to checking the check box labeled "Text date with 2 digit years"), Excel will
display an AutoCorrect options button next to text cells that express the year as a two-digit value
(rather than a four-digit value), for example Jan 1, 01.
The Errors collection object holds Error objects. The Errors object has the following members:
Item(Index As Variant) As Error
Graphic Object
Path: Application -- Chart -- PageSetup - Graphic
Brightness() As Single
ColorType() As MsoPictureColorType
Contrast() As Single
CropBottom() As Single
CropLeft() As Single
CropRight() As Single
CropTop() As Single
Filename() As String
Height() As Single
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