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Figure G-1. The Error Checking tab
Path: Application - Speech
Direction() As
SpeakCellOnEnter() As
Speak(Text As String, [SpeakAsync] As
Variant, [SpeakXML] As Variant, [Purge] As
The Speech object is a very simple object that is used to implement speech in Excel XP. To obtain
a Speech object, use the Speech property of the Application object. The Speech object has only
two properties, Direction and SpeakCellOnEnter, and one method, Speak.
The Direction property sets the speech direction to one of the constants in the following enum:
Enum XlSpeakDirection
xlSpeakByRows = 0
xlSpeakByColumns = 1
End Enum
This sets the speech direction when using the Speak property of the Range object. For instance, if
the activesheet has content:
A1 = 1, B1 = 2
A2 = 3, B2 = 4
Then the code:
Range("A1:B2").Speak xlSpeakByRows
will speak "1, 2, 3, 4"
whereas the code:
Range("A1:B2").Speak xlSpeakByColumns
will speak "1, 3, 2, 4"
The SpeakCellOnEnter property is a Boolean property that specifies whether or not Excel will
speak the contents of the active cell when the Enter key is struck or when the focus moves to
another cell after editing of that cell . (The cell contents are not spoken just because focus is lost—
it only happens when the cell has been edited and focus is lost.)
The Speak method speaks text, as in:
Application.Speech.Speak "To be or not to be"
Application.Speech.Speak ActiveSheet.Range("A1").Value
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