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Figure G-1. The Error Checking tab
SpellingOptions Object
Path: Application - SpellingOptions
ArabicModes() As XlArabicModes
DictLang() As Long
GermanPostReform() As Boolean
HebrewModes() As XlHebrewModes
IgnoreCaps() As Boolean
IgnoreFileNames() As Boolean
IgnoreMixedDigits() As Boolean
KoreanCombineAux() As Boolean
KoreanProcessCompound() As Boolean
KoreanUseAutoChangeList() As Boolean
SuggestMainOnly() As Boolean
UserDict() As String
The SpellingOptions object, returned by the SpellingOptions property of the Application object,
can set options for Excel's spell checking feature. The object has no methods, and its properties
generally correspond to the options available through the Spelling tab of Excel's Options dialog.
Tab Object
Path: Application -- Chart - Tab
Color() As Variant
ColorIndex() As XlColorIndex
The ability to change the color of worksheet and chart tabs is new for Excel XP. This is done
through the user interface by right-clicking on a tab and choosing Tab Color from the popup menu.
To change the color programmatically, we can write code such as:
Worksheets("Sheet2").Tab.Color = vbGreen
The Tab object is returned by the Tab property of the Worksheet and the chart objects, and it has
Color and ColorIndex properties that can set the color.
UsedObjects Object
Path: Application - UsedObjects
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