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Figure G-2. The Watch Window
The Excel XP Watch window toolbar is a very simple, yet useful tool. It enables the user to view
the contents of a cell even when the portion of the worksheet that contains the cell is not visible.
Figure G-2 s hows the Watch Window Toolbar.
Figure G-2. The Watch Window
The Watch object implements the Watch Window programmatically.
The Watches property of the Application object returns a Watches collection that contains all of
the open Watch objects. The Watch object itself has only one really useful property—the Source
property, which specifies the cell to watch. The Watch object has only one method—Delete,
which deletes the watch.
To illustrate, the watch in Figure G-2 can be created in either of the following ways:
Dim wa As Watch
Set wa = Application.Watches.Add("A1")
Set wa = Application.Watches.Add(Range("A1"))
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