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n Categories: If the message has been assigned to a category, the category name and icon
are displayed here.
n Follow-up (flag icon): Displays a flag indicating the follow-up status of the message.
A clear flag indicates no follow-up status. Various colored flags indicate other follow-up
statuses such as due tomorrow or due next week. A checkmark indicates complete.
You can sort the messages in the Inbox by any of the fields that are displayed. Simply click the field
heading to sort by that field in ascending order; click a second time to sort in descending order. If
the field heading is wide enough it will display an upward or downward pointing arrow to show
you that the messages are sorted by that field in ascending or descending order, respectively. For
example, in Figure 4.12 you can see that the messages are sorted by the Received field in
descending order.
This chapter explained the fundamentals of sending and receiving email messages. It also covered
sending attachments and dealing with attachments that you receive. Finally, it provided a quick
overview of the Inbox display.
There’s a lot more to email, more options and flexibility that give you complete control over your
messaging. These are covered in Chapter 5.
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