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The Format Painter
The format painter lets you copy font and paragraph formatting from one location in the message
and “paint” it onto other text. It works as follows:
1. Click anywhere in text that has the desired formatting.
2. Click the Format Painter button in the Clipboard section of the Message ribbon (it is also
present on the Format Text ribbon). The mouse pointer will display a small paintbrush icon.
3. Drag the mouse over the target text.
If you want to paint more than one section of text, double-click the Format Painter button. It will
remain active until you click it again.
Font Formatting
Font formatting affects individual characters in a message. It encompasses things such as
underlining and italic, and can be applied to anything from a single character to an entire message. Most font
formatting can be applied in two ways, either to selected text or to text you are about to type. Some
formatting can be applied only to selected text. Selecting text is done as in most other applications:
n With the mouse, drag over the text.
n With the keyboard, hold down Shift and use the cursor movement keys.
n To unselect text, click anywhere outside the selected text or press any arrow key (without
The font formatting tools are located in the Font section of the Format Text ribbon. They are
identified in Figure 5.3 and described here.
n Font: Select the font, or typeface.
n Font size: Select the font size, in points (1 point = 1/72 inch).
n Increase/decrease font size: Increases or decreases font size by one step.
n Clear formatting: Removes all formatting from text.
n Bold: Toggles boldface on and off.
n Italic: Toggles italic on and off.
n Underline: Click the button to toggle the default single underline. Click the adjacent
arrow to select different underline styles and colors.
n Superscript/subscript: Click to toggle text between superscript or subscript and normal.
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