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Paragraph Formatting
Outlook’s paragraph formatting tools are located in the Paragraph section of the Format Text ribbon.
These tools, or at least most of them, let you work with formatting that applies to entire paragraphs
of text. This includes bulleted and numbered lists, line spacing, and background color. Some tools
in this category are not for formatting per se but have other functions, which I describe here.
When you select paragraph formatting it will be applied to the paragraph that contains the insertion
point (or editing cursor). If you first select text that spans two or more paragraphs, the formatting
will be applied to all those paragraphs. A paragraph is created when you press Enter — this marks
the end of the paragraph.
The paragraph formatting tools are shown in Figure 5.4 and described here. Additional
explanation for some of the items is provided following the list.
Outlook’s paragraph formatting tools.
Decrease indent
Multilevel list
Increase indent
Numbered list
Bulleted list
Show/Hide ¶
Left alignment
Center alignment
Right alignment
Line spacing
Justified alignment
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