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Points and Line Spacing
The default unit of measurement for line spacing (and also for font size) is points, a printer’s
measurement equal to 1/72 of an inch. Generally, single spacing is slightly larger than the size of the
font in use. For example, line spacing of approximately 13 points would be considered single spacing
for an 11 point font. You can enter spacing values in inches if you prefer. Simply enter a number
followed by the “ (double quote) symbol and Outlook will convert the inch value to points.
The Paragraph dialog box gives you complete control over line spacing.
In the Paragraph dialog box, it is the Spacing area that is relevant to line spacing. You can precisely
control spacing between lines in a paragraph as well as space before and after the paragraph. Your
line spacing options, selected from the Line Spacing list, are
Single, 1.5, or Double: Single, one and a half, or double line spacing.
At Least: Line separation will be at least the value entered in the At box. It may be
increased if needed to accommodate large fonts and so on.
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