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Exactly: Line separation will be exactly the value entered in the At box and will never be
Multiple: Spacing will be the number of lines entered in the At box.
To control space before and after a paragraph, enter the desired values in the Before and After boxes.
Show/Hide ¶
The Show/Hide ¶ button lets you display formatting marks in your text. Formatting marks indicate
where normally invisible formatting elements are located. They are
n Paragraph marks (where you pressed Enter) are marked by the ¶ symbol.
n Soft returns (where you pressed Shift+Enter) are marked by the
n Tabs are marked with the
n Spaces are marked by a dot.
Figure 5.9 shows an email message with formatting marks displayed. If you are having trouble
getting the formatting to work just the way you want, displaying formatting marks can often help you
locate the source of the problem.
Displaying formatting marks can help you to solve formatting problems.
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