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Outlook’s border feature is most frequently used with tables, a topic that is covered in Chapter 6.
You can, however, use borders with regular text. For example, Figure 5.10 shows the use of a
double border to call attention to a paragraph.
Using borders with paragraphs.
To apply borders:
Select the paragraph(s) that you want to apply borders to.
Click the arrow adjacent to the Borders button on the Format Text ribbon. Outlook
displays the Borders menu (see Figure 5.11).
Click the style of border you want, or click No Border to remove existing border.
If you click the Borders button itself, or select Borders and Shading from the Borders menu,
Outlook opens the Borders and Shading dialog box. This dialog box gives you more control over
borders. It is covered in the section on tables in Chapter 6.
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